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Zoya Pink Polish Comparison - Lara, Areej, Audrina, Rory, Reagan

I really wanted a medium pink polish, and when a Zoya promo came up, I ended up ordering a few that I thought were dupes because I just couldn't make up my mind from the photos on their site. It's also hard to decide with other people's swatches since my Asian skin tone really makes polishes look different than the way it looks on others. Anyway, I already had Audrina, but I didn't LOVE it at first sight so I thought perhaps either Reagan or Areej might work.

Here's the comparison swatch I did with some of the ones I thought would be dupes.

IMG_1272 - Copy

As you can see, Areej and Reagan are near dupes. Areej is a bit dustier looking than Reagan, but if you have one then you probably wouldn't want the other. In the bottle, Audrina looks soooo much like the other two, but on the nail has more blue than the other two.


Audrina is on the left, and I can't even remember which two are on the right, but they look exactly the same to the naked eye. One's SLIGHTLY darker... MAYBE. :)

I added Rory and Lara since I got them for funsies. Rory has a lot of silver shimmer in it so although in the bottle it looks similar to Reagan and Lara, it shows up as very light on the nail. It's not as sparkly as Zoya's Sunshine collection. Lara has a bit of a softer neon quality about it. I just purchased a bunch of neon pinks, so I decided I don't want to keep Lara.

After the swatches, I decided that Reagan looks the best on my nails. It pops more than Areej which is what I really wanted. Audrina might be a keeper since I do like the bluer pinks, so it's going back in my nail polish box.