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Valentine's Day Giveaway

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I cannot believe that this year is already going by so quickly! It's only a few hours away from Valentine's Day 2018, and no matter if you have a significant other to celebrate with or not, I think it's a great to set aside a day to celebrate love. I've decided to giveaway two of my favorite things right now which are Rae Dunn mugs and Color Street nail strips! The giveaway goes until the end of V-Day PST, and two winners will be chosen on Thursday by Noon PST for a mug and either a Streets of Gold glitter nail set or El Dorado glitter nail set. 


You can enter here. GOOD LUCK!:

Valentine's BellamamaNails Giveaway


Comparison of Streets of Gold with El Dorado:


El Dorado (sheer gold with a bit of pink tone):

Streets of Gold (lighter more yellow gold but not as sheer as El Dorado):

***Please see disclaimer for the giveaway on the entry window. All the items being given away has been personally purchased by me and not sponsored by the brands. I am an independent stylist for Color Street but do not have any connection to Rae Dunn other than that I love to collect for fun.

Sally Hansen Grape Going & NOPI Let's Get Star-Ted

I'm in a Facebook group for Nail  Polish-aholics, and we just started a weekly challenge. First one was purple nail polish, and this is my version. My 7yo daughter got the Sally Hansen polish for me for my birthday, but I haven't had a chance to swatch it yet. I normally don't love duochrome polishes, but this is actually really pretty. It's purple and it flashes blue. I wanted to jazz it up a little for the challenge so I added Nicole by OPI's "Let's Get Star-ted" which has purple holo stars. They look purple but looks holo in sunlight. There's also holo microglitter in it too.

Initially out of the bottle, the stars are really tough to get out, so you have to either use an orange stick or take all the polish off the brush and try to fish them out. Getting them on your nail is also difficult too. Once they're on, if you have rounded nails the ends of the stars stick out. To minimize that, I push them into the polish once it's almost dry. Then I added Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat on top then topped it off with Poshe. Even then, you can feel the edges of the stars. If you like your nails smooth, I wouldn't recommend it.

IMG_1290b (853x1280)

IMG_1290b (853x1280)

IMG_1290b (853x1280)