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Tips on How to Get the Best Application with Color Street Nail Strips

Nail tips


Nail Tips (haha) for the best application with Color Street Nail sets:
1. Wipe your finger tips with alcohol pads before application (make sure it's fully dry) so that you reduce the oil transferring on to the sets as you apply.
2. Apply later in the day than earlier. Even though the nail polish strips are completely dry, the adhesive needs about 3 hours to fully cure. If you wait to apply before bed it will give you a lot of time for it to cure while you are sleeping.
3.Avoid hot water or a lot of hand washing before the nail strips have fully cured. Even though they will stay on, you will get more tip wear and wear along the nail bed.
4. When you are using a file to cut down the strips, make sure it's in a down motion, not side to side. And angle it so that you give some left over on the ends of your tips. The nail polish sets do shrink a bit like regular nail polish does after application. If you angle the file too far toward your nails then you will end up looking like you already got tip wear on the first day.
5. Solids are thinner and need more care when applying. I suggest buffing your nails a bit (just do not shine or the strips will not adhere as easily), and if you have ridges on your nails like I do, apply a ridge filler base coat to even out your nails first.
6. The strips already have a top coat on them, but some of them are shinier than others. If you love that gel look, apply a quick drying top coat on top like Poshe to give it a nice glossy look. Wrapping the top coat over the tips of the nails will also give it a longer time before you see tip wear. You don't have to do it, but I especially love it on the solids. We also sell "Clear As Day" nail sets that are clear that can go over our sets. They come with 4 sets vs the normal 2 sets in the envelope for $11. They also count as a solid so you can add it to your B3G1 deals.
7. Give your nails a full 24 hour naked time between sets to let your nails breathe and reset.
I post more tips/tricks on getting better applications, nailfies, giveaways/discounts and fun posts on my Facebook VIP group so please join me there if you don't have a stylist already: BellamamaNails Lounge