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Butter London All Hail the Queen

IMG_0690 (854x1280)

Butter London - "All Hail the Queen" or aka "All Hail McQueen" two layers
Essie base coat
Poshe top coat 

This polish has been around a while but since I always try to buy polish on sale, it's been sold out whenever Ulta or other stores have it on sale. I finally snagged one at the 2nd Street Beauty store on sale! Sorry my mani is a little old. I was out of town on a business trip and had done this while I was out in Florida last week. The photo shows 5 day wear. For a 5 day mani, the tip wear is pretty good!

By the way, I took Zoya Remove+ (my fave remover) in a smaller travel bottle I got at Target, and it totally melted it into a jelly-like thing. Plus it leaked on to my other polishes and melted some of the other plastics. Good thing I had it double zip lock bagged or my entire luggage would have been trashed. Lesson learned. Get the bottles appropriate for polish remover! Here is what it did to my polish cap:

IMG_0687 (853x1280)

I really love this polish! It is very work appropriate so I like that for important business meetings. It's very deceiving. It looks like a cream, but in certain lights or in the sun, you can see the tiny holographic microglitter. People who know me know I love glitter polish, so sometimes creams bore me. Now I know this has hidden sparkles, it makes me love it more. Here's a photo. I darkened the photo to show the hidden holo sparkles (click the photo to enlarge it):

IMG_0702 (1280x853)

Here's another side view where you can't see the holo. This shows the 5 day tip wear best:

IMG_0694 (1280x853)